Pleasant Pointe 2023 Calendar for Sale!

After being couped up for so long due to the pandemic we decided it was time to bring the calendar back! We want people to know that we are doing really well here at Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living! And, when the buzz got out around Pleasant Pointe that we were doing another calendar, residents started asking if they could be part of it. We had a total of 22 residents participate! If they wanted to be part of it, we found a spot to put them. Resident families were also excited that we were doing the calendar again and encouraged their family members to participate.

This calendar highlights Barberton Area community services and businesses. When I went around and talked to these services and businesses, they were happy to be part of it. Having a sense of humor is an important part of staying healthy and we all need that at this time. The chance to be a “calendar girl” (or boy!), doesn’t happen for most of us in our lives, how fun that these beautiful residents of Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living had the chance!

This calendar took a lot of planning, time, and cooperation from many people to put together. We are so excited to share it with others!

The proceeds from the sales of this calendar will go towards scholarships for Barberton High School Seniors Class of 2023.

You can contact Pleasant Pointe to get one or stop in. The cost of the calendars is $13.00/each if you pick one up, or $15.00/each if you would like it mailed to you.

Barberton Mum FestBarberton Mum Fest

June, age 98. June has been a resident of Pleasant Pointe for almost 8 years. She has posed for the previous calendars. When she was asked why she continues to do it, she said “It’s fun! It’s a good idea to put elderly people on a calendar like this – I hope it makes people smile.” She made a point that if you don’t like it, then you have “no sense of humor.”

Jean, age 98. Jean has been a resident of Pleasant Pointe for almost 10 years. She also has posed for the previous calendars. Jean stated, “I have been in every calendar. I have always loved what the people had to say about it – it seems that everybody really enjoys it. My cardiologist always wants one, so I buy it for him!”

** During June and Jean’s shoot at the Barberton Mum Fest some onlookers were watching and were overheard saying, “What are they doing…wait!…they are making that naked calendar again…this is great!”


Ron, age 85. Ron has been a resident of Pleasant Pointe for a little over a year. Ron said that when he was asked to do the calendar, he “thought that it would be fun standing up with some kegs and holding a beer!” When the shoot was complete, Ron sat down with the manager and a few of the bartenders and had a beer. They gave him an Ignite T-shirt which put a huge smile on his face. He also stated that “I hope everyone enjoys it – it is meant to be in good taste, and it is for such a good cause.”


Pleasant Pointe BusPleasant Pointe Bus

Tom, age 76. Tom has been a resident of Pleasant Point for almost 2 years. He lives here with his wife who is also one of the residents featured in the calendar. When asked about how he felt about being part of the calendar he stated, “What a unique way to promote charity!”.



Magical Theatre CompanyMagical Theatre Company

Keen, age 92. Keen has been a resident of Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living for 7 years. Keen has been buying these calendars ever since Pleasant Pointe started doing them. When asked how she felt about finally being one of the featured models she stated, “I loved it, I had fun!”